July 28, 2020



Roobha’ weaves a unique romantic tale that deals with the complexities of personality and gender identity. As a young South Asian trans-woman, Roobha struggles to earn a decent living. Her chance encounter with an enigmatic family man, Anthony, leads to a rapturous romance. However, Anthony’s familial affiliation, failing health, and final death throw Roobha into a conundrum once again.

Producer: Warren Sinnathamby

Executive Producer: Raji Nair

Line Producer: Pras Lingam

Director: Lenin M. Sivam

DOP: Arsenij Gusev

Music: Asif Ilyas

Cast: Amrit Sandhu, Antonythasan Jesuthasan, Thenuka Kantharajah, Sornlingam Vyramuthu, Cassandra James, Daniel Bertolini, Bhavani Somasundaram, Ishwaria Chandru, Tharsiny Varapragasam, Rajeev Seelan, Sudhagar Subrmanyam, Abissha Selvamohan, Akaara Katsura

Location: Toronto, Pickering

Length: 92 minutes


A young South Asian trans-woman struggles with the issue of gender identity. Finally she gathers courage to tell her family, but is promptly ostracized. Desperate and unable to earn a decent living, she assumes the nom de guerre, Roobha, and walks the streets of Toronto.Roobha soon musters up a clientele. One night, she is violently assaulted by a group of homophobic men, and is left to die. She survives the attack, and heals with the help of her transgender friends, Lucia and Maya. Soon Roobha finds a new job at a Thai restaurant, and starts saving for a gender re-assignment surgery. One evening, at a rundown pub, she runs into Anthony, and slowly a romance ensues. Anthony, a married man, agonizes over his familial obligations and fondness for Roobha. However, their blissful existence is cut short due to reasons beyond their control.



Amrit Sandhu
(Roobha/ Gokul)

Amrit is a prominent model, actor and trainer, and has portrayed multifarious characters in
the films, Pseudo Blood of Our Own, Hollywood and Vine, The Dorm, and Heartland. Amrit
holds a degree in Communication Business, and in his spare time, he volunteers at the
Mustard Seed for the homeless.

Antonythasan Jesuthasan

Antonythasan is a prolific writer and actor. He essayed the title role in Dheepan, a film by the celebrated French director, Jacques Audiard, which won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, 2015. Roobha, in which he plays the lead character of Anthony, is based on one of his short stories.

Thenuka Kantharajah

Thenuka Kantharajah is a renowned actor, dancer, yoga instructor, counsellor, and skilled acupuncturist. Her film repertoire includes Ceres et le Temoin Muet, Geplatzte Träume (Broken Dreams), and Kandam.  She works with deprived and disadvantaged women, empowering them with awareness and education.

Sornalingam Vyramuthu

Sornalingam is a versatile Toronto-based actor who has performed in numerous plays at cultural events across Canada. A great patron of arts, he promotes artists in every endeavour. Sornalingam marks his movie debut with Roobha wherein he portrays the angst of a father with aplomb.

Cassandra James

With a degree in theatre performance from Ryerson University, and a comprehensive dedication to nightlife and the queer community, Cassandra is a force to be reckoned with.

Her interests include film, music of all genres, theatre, dance and fashion. Cassandra is an artist with great depth and her work is backed by intense intelligence.

Dan Bertolini

After graduating in Commerce and Finance from the University of Toronto, Dan attended the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) in London, England, where he was immersed in the works of Shakespeare and the English approach to acting. Currently, he pursues theatre and films with a renewed zeal.


Warren Sinnathamby

As head of the production company, Next Productions, Warren’s mission is to promote artistic talent and bring forth intelligent and meaningful cinema to a world audience. He believes that cinema is not just a form of entertainment, but rather a medium through which societal concerns can be addressed.

Raji Nair
Executive Producer

With an insightful knowledge of films, Raji Nair has played a pivotal role at the helm of all the productions at Next Productions. She has worked in the public realm for many years as a lawyer, teacher, aid worker, project manager, and operations manager. Ms. Nair is also an advanced public speaker accredited by Toastmasters International

Pras Lingam
Line Producer

Pras Lingam has proved his excellence behind the camera on multiple levels, as a director, producer, cinematographer, and writer. He served as a Line Producer for Roobha.

Lenin M. Sivam

Lenin M. Sivam specializes in offbeat and realistic films. His feature film debut 1999 won much critical acclaim. His second film, A Gun & A Ring, was also well received both critically and commercially. It made its world premiere at the Shanghai International Film Festival in 2013, and was shortlisted for the coveted Golden Goblet Award.

Arsenij Gusev
Director of Photography

Arsenij Gusev, etches visual poetry with his camera. He holds a Masterclass DOP from Moskau, and a degree in Film and TV Production from Dortmund, Germany. His in-depth knowledge in filmmaking is apparent in the plethora of his work.


Bettina Lange
Art Director

Bettina Lange is an accomplished Art Director and Costume Designer. She obtained a degree in Graphic Design and a Diploma focussed on film and theatre from the University of Dresden. She has worked on a multitude of theatre and movie productions on an international scale.


Asif Ilyas
Original Music Composer

Asif Ilyas is a much-celebrated composer in the Canadian music industry. He has produced music for clients ranging from CBC to NFB, Vancouver Symphony to Symphony Nova Scotia and McDonald’s to Walmart. He has performed on stages and appeared in productions with Sting, Leonard Cohen, Colin Hay, Cutting Crew and many more. He has also composed for feature films, TV series, documentaries, and short films.


Rohan Fernando

Rohan Fernando is a visual artist, painter and filmmaker. His first documentary, Cecil’s Journey, won best film at the Atlantic Film Festival and was nominated for a Gemini Award. His other works include Trudeau’s Other Children, Blood & Water, The Chocolate Farmer, and Snow. Rohan is currently collaborating on Becoming Labrador for the National Film Board of Canada, and serving as Producer for the Atlantic Studio.